May 2012: 1992-2012 ATA Software - 20 years of Arabic Software Development:
ATA Software Technology Limited celebrates its 20th anniversary with a massive special offer on its main software translation packages.

Feb. 2012: ATA Software has successfully installed a full local version of ( online English-into-Arabic translator at the Princess Nora bint Abdulrahman University (PNU), Saudi Arabia. The translation system runs on a local server which is accessed in Saudi Arabia only by students using their PNU email addresses. The entire system is installed on the PNU servers completely independent of the ATA Software London servers.

Feb. 2012: Al-Mudawwana Al-Arabiya:
ATA Software and Advanced Arabian Systems of Saudi Arabia have collaborated to develop a full Arabic Language Corpus System for the King Abdul Aziz City of Science & Technology - Riyadh. Al-Mudawwana Al-Arabiya is a massive collection of texts of written Arabic in electronic form, covering a period of more than 15 centuries. Over 700 million words of written text, old and new, from different sources including published works, manuscripts, computer generated text such as Internet website content, electronic books, newspapers and magazines have been collected. Indeed, Al-Mudawwana Al-Arabiya is an enormous electronic file. The entire system has been put on a web site and made available to the public.

Jan 2009: ATA Software and Advanced Arabian Systems of Saudi Arabia have signed a contract with the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates to develop an electronic school exam system under the name of Arabic Language Proficiency Test - ALPT. The aim is to build an electronic system to test students of different school education levels for proficiency in Arabic language. It is intended to apply the system first on secondary school students of the stages 10, 11, and 12 using the official UAE MoE curricula. The whole idea is built on the English TOFEL test whereby the student will have to answer multiple choice questions within a short period of time.

April 2007: The launch of a new version of Golden Al-Wafi Arabic Translator V. 3.0 online in Saudi Arabia. Access is via monthly or yearly subscriptions for Mobily subscribers. Message is sent to Mobily number 6297.

April 2006: The launch of a Beta version of Ajil, an RSS news stories translation into Arabic and delivery to subscribers.

January 2006: The launch of ATA name Translation System. Names from different countries written in English are translated correctly into Arabic.

June 2005: The launch of a Beta version of the ATA Arabic search engine ALHOODHOOD.

March 2004: The launch of a new Arabic Memory Translation system XPro7.


Jun 2003: Expert Group Meeting on Promotion of Digital Arabic Content / Beirut


Apr/May 2003: Al-Riyadh Gitex '2003 Exhibition


Mar 2003: Release of Al-Wafi® School Dictionary v1.00


Jan 2003: Release of MutarjimNet™ v1.00


Jul 2002: Release of Al Mutarjim™ Al Arabey v3.00


Feb 2002: Release of:

                             Al-Wafi Quick Dictionary v1.00

                             new Al-Wafi v3.00

                             golden Al-Wafi v1.00


Oct 2001: Gitex '2001 Exhibition


Aug 2000: Launch of

Incorporating ATA machine translation technologies, became a valuable tool for hundreds of thousands of Arabic users. It was designed to provide free and instant translation of English websites and text, and a handy bilingual dictionary.


Dec 1997: Al-Natiq Text-To-Speech

At the Gitex '97 exhibition in Dubai, UAE (which took place from October 29th to November 2nd), ATA Software previewed a pre-release version of a revolutionary new piece of Arabic Text-To-Speech software, called Al-Natiq.