Immediate and fast access to information on the Internet, data banks and even private data bases requires the use of powerful search engines. But no matter how fast and accurate the search is, the Search Engine must be able to deal with the complexities of certain languages such as Arabic.


Arabic is not only written from right to left but it also has a very complicated morphological structure and parsing system. In Different Arab countries writers and scholars spell some Arabic words differently.


Alhoodhood™ is not just a new Search Engine but it has been designed to deal, in a rather intelligent way, with all the complexities of the Arabic language.


Alhoodhood™ indexes web site pages and performs comprehensive search with very high speed and minimum system resources.


Key Points:


  • Simple or advanced Search
  • Web Site Search
  • Search refining: using logical operators, AND, OR, Exact Text
  • Building full incremental Arabic word index
  • Incremental index can be driven according to a flexible time table
  • User choice of Stop Words list of certain "unwanted" Arabic words ( ãä - Úáì - Èå - Ýí )
  • User choice of Spelt-different Words such as (ÔÆæä - ÔÄæä)
  • Built-in index with multiple Arabic word synonyms (ÃÊì  - ÚÇÏ - ÑÌÚ - ÂÈ )
  • Full morphological analysis of Arabic words in the index (ÕÇã - íÕæãæä)
  • Semantic search on Arabic words in the index
  • Choice of search with or without:
    • Arabic vowel points (harakat)
    • Arabic (Shaddah)
    • post-fixes
    • pre-fixes
  • find exact match of words or part-word
  • find words beginning with any Alef (Â - Ã - Å - Ç)
  • find words ending with Yaa (í)
  • find words ending with Taa (É)
  • User friendly Arabic interface
  • Search results are presented as first few lines of document
  • display search results as single words or exact terms
  • display search results as highlighted words
  • display search results in a paragraph or a page


Search Types:


There are two types of Alhoodhood™ Search:


  1. Alhoodhood™ Internet:

This is for search through the contents of all Arabic Web Sites on the Internet - just like Google, Yahoo and MSN


  1. Alhoodhood™ Local:

This is for search on the private data-base files of the client with the same quality and speed of the Internet search.



Alhoodhood™ Bar

After installation you will notice the appearance of a new bar called Alhoodhood™ bar. This bar provides two special services;


Alhoodhood™ dictionary and Alhoodhood™ voice.


Alhoodhood™ dictionary:

This is a bilingual English<>Arabic dictionary. Select a word on the screen and click on Alhoodhood™ dictionary to show the meaning of the word as a noun, a verb, or an adjective in both languages.


Alhoodhood™ voice:

This is an Arabic text-to-speech. Select Arabic word or text and click on the button; Alhoodhood™ voice to hear it being read in clear Arabic voice.