ATA RSS Service



RSS is an abbreviation for (Rich Site Summary / Really ıSimple Syndication). It is a protocol based on the XML ılanguage as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium ıı(W3C). It helps representing information about resources ıon the World Wide Web. It allows the Syndication of ılists of hyperlinks along with other information or ımetadata into formatted XML document.  Once this ıdocument is compiled and registered with RSS Publisher ıSoftware(1) and published to a website, any user with ıRSS Aggregator Software(2)  can view the document ıcontent. Also RSS can be used to share information ıamong websites where a website can allow other ıwebsites to publish some of its contents and so on.ı RSS content or (feeds) can be of any kind like news, ıweblog, marketing or any other activity involving ıperiodic updates or publication.ı


ATA RSS Implementation


Recently RSS became very popular on the internet, news ıagencies like Reuters, BBC and Technology Companies ılike IBM and Microsoft along with thousands of other ısites using RSS to publish information and make any ıactivities and/or updates on their websites about ımarketing, news, new products, and even software bug ıreporting more quickly to their users or consumers. ıAs a result there are thousands of RSS feeds on the ıInternet which makes it somehow difficult for users to ıfind and subscribe to the desired feed. At ATA, a ıconvenient and easy to use solution has been ıimplemented to overcome this problem. The solution is a ıcomplete suite of client side application and web services ıto offer the user a search and Arabic translation of all ınews feeds.ı


ATA RSS Solution (Ajil™ ıÚÇÌÜÜÜáı) has the following components ıand services:ı


•        RSS Aggregator (News Reader),

•        ıRSS publisher,ı

•        ıRSS Repository Service,ı

•        ıRSS Web Spiders,ı

•        ıRSS Portal.ı


Ajil™ ıÚÇÌÜÜÜáı News Reader


This software application enables the users to:ı


•        ıDownload Arabic translated RSS news feeds to their computers,ı

•        ıView RSS news feeds,ı

•        ıManage the RSS news feeds locally,ı

•        ıSubscribe/unsubscribe to RSS news feeds,ı

•        ıBrowse ATA RSS categories.ı


Also it has Alhoodhood Arabic search engine and Al- Mutarjim™ Al-Arabey, English-inıto-Arabic translator built in to facilitate powerful experience to Arabic ıusers.ı


Ajil™ ıÚÇÌÜÜÜá Publisher


This is a desktop application that enables news organizations such as newspapers and news agencies to publish their own Arabic or Arabic translated news on the Internet. The users can then subscribe to their Ajil™ RSS feed to receive news stories in Arabic.


Ajil™ ıÚÇÌÜÜÜá Repository Service


This is where all the RSS information is kept. This Repository is highly ıorganized to facilitate a fast access to a particular RSS item at any ıparticular time. The repository gets its content from automated RSS ıSpiders processors. On the other hand the repository implements RSS ıpublishers to allow Aggregators to browse categories and download ıitems. At the heart of this engine is an intelligent module to categorize ıRSS feeds update available list and make them available to subscribed ıusers. There are no interaction between this engine and the end user. This ıengine is hidden behind a User management website.ı



ı(1) RSS Publisher ıSoftware is a program that facilitates the update and management of an RSS/XML ıdocument on websites. Once the document registered with publisher ısoftware, website administrator can carry out the entire management task ıthrough the publisher tools and interface. Also there are some automated ıtypes of publisher where by the updating and management is database ıdriven.ı


ı(2) Aggregator Software is a program that can check a list of ıfeeds on behalf of a user and display any updated articles that it finds.ı