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From our experience over the past 20 years we found that for security reasons and to prevent their private data and information from being shared with outsiders, many large businesses and government agencies prefer to have their own in-house independent English-into-Arabic Translation Server that is not connected to the Internet or to the provider's remote servers.


This has led ATA Software, the developer and owner of the famous online translation engine at to develop a version that provides just the very system as required by the corporate customers. This system, AlMisbar Local can be installed on an in-house server that can be accessed by authorised users within the organisation without any connection to the Internet. However, if required the server can be connected to the Internet to be used for Internet browsing as well as an English-into-Arabic translation server.


AlMisbar Local can be tailor-made to suit your requirements from 100-user system to systems that can take any number of users. ATA Has installed AlMisbar Local to be accessed by unlimited number of users to cover a whole country such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia, or just few thousands of students of a university as in the case of the PNU in Saudi Arabia. AlMisbar Local at the Princess Nora bint Abdulrahman University (PNU), Saudi Arabia runs on a local server which is accessed in Saudi Arabia only by students using their PNU email addresses. The entire system is installed on the PNU servers completely independent of the ATA Software London servers.


If you want your own translation server set-up from as little as 100 users please contact ATA Software for more information and prices.





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